The paper entitled “Maintenance schedule optimisation for manufacturing systems” written by BME, CeSi and We+ has been presented at the 4th Advanced Maintenance Engineering, Services and Technologies (AMEST 2020) conference, which was held virtually on September 10-11, 2020.

Authors: István Németh, Ádám Kocsis, Donát Takács, Basheer W.Shaheen, Márton Takács, Angelo Merlo, Amit Eytan, Luisa Bidoggia, Paolo Olocco

Abstract: The paper presents an integrated software platform developed within the framework of the EU project PROGRAMS, called Maintenance Schedule Optimisation (MSO), which comprises a set of software tools. The Tree Editing System (TES) is used to provide a structure of the system in the form of a hierarchical machine decomposition. The Life Data Analysis tool estimates reliability model parameters based on historical maintenance reports. The Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) Simulator evaluates the effect of the application of various maintenance strategies and policies and calculates relevant R&M KPIs. The Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Calculator estimates the maintenance related life cycle cost based on the R&M simulation results. The Optimisation Engine aims to select the most appropriate and cost-effective strategies and policies, to find the optimal preventive maintenance intervals, as well as to cluster the maintenance actions to reduce cost and the number of machine stops.