The paper entitled “Prognostics based Robust Design to strengthen mechanical system functionalities” has been submitted to EURO 2018 Conference (8-11 July 2018 – Valencia).
Authors: Francesco Aggogeri, Angelo Merlo, István Németh, Nicola Pellegrini, Alberto Borboni, Amit Eytan, Claudio Taesi
Abstract: This study aims to present the preliminary concept of a tool able to generate and update FMECA (Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis) and Criticality Matrix automatically, using system/component life data, machine/system hierarchical structure, reliability simulation & analysis and user inputs. This tool will simplify the performance of the FMECA by automating the process of collecting information from the user as a set of predefined options. In particular, the tool will lead the user through all the steps necessary to complete the analysis using an interactive “tutorial” for each phase with easy predefined options.
The data gathered will be stored in a series of linked arrays which content could be successively modified (via a web based interface) whenever a change in the plant design occurs. The maintenance priority score will be calculated for each part of equipment in order to rank and prioritize the machine’s component as far as the resources maintenance on a line level will be concerned. The proposed tool will also support the user in FMECA development and failure mode analysis, proposing a smart approach based on the reliability system architecture, life data by component and criticality indicators. This study is a part of the project PROGRAMS (H2020-FOF-09-2017 – 767287) – PROGnostics based Reliability Analysis for Maintenance Scheduling.