The paper entitled “PROGRAMS project approach to maintenance management” written by the PROGRAMS consortium has been presented at the 4th Advanced Maintenance Engineering, Services and Technologies (AMEST 2020) conference, which was held virtually on September 10-11, 2020.

Authors: M.Surico, R.Ricatto, A.Merlo, I.Németh, A.Sardelis, M.Villoslada, E.Montejo, N.Frenkel,P.Aivaliotis, la Pera Celada, J.Sidiropoulos, A.Eytan, A.Papavasileiou, F.Aggogeri

Abstract: Maintenance management is a vital part of the business of a production company. It contributes to determining the long-term success of the company because poorly maintained resources can stop production activities, causing delays, loss of profit and even personal injuries. While the predictive maintenance approach is nowadays a mainstay of modern factory management, usually only big companies with dedicated research department can deploy it, since its application involves scientific knowledge that is not available in smaller production environments. This paper describes how the EU project PROGRAMS answers the needs of small and medium companies that wish to apply an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) approach to maintenance management.