CASP is a software and consulting company, based in Athens, Greece, working closely with European and local industry as well as with Universities and Technological institutes, on developing and marketing Business Solutions for a wide range of industrial problems. CASP develops and markets Business Solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning, Production Scheduling, Quality Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Virtual Reality Applications and Product and Process Design. CASP provides advanced concepts and software solutions based on State of the Art tools and Technologies for Object Oriented Design and Development. CAPS provides software solutions based on advances engineering concepts for a variety of industrial sectors such as: Production Scheduling for the Textile, Food and Maritime industry, ERP for the Maritime industry, Quality Control for the Aerospace and Automotive industry, Product Design for Aerospace and Maritime industry. These concepts can easily be transferred to any other production sector.

Role in the PROGRAMS Project

CASP is envisaged to work on the further development and integration of the planning/scheduling tool. Will participate and lead development task as well as provide experience to others (background knowledge).+ Accurate description of the activities/role carried out in the WPs Specifically in the PROGRAMS project CASP will lead task T4.4 which is the development of the “Smart Scheduling Tool”. Furthermore will contribute in the development of the “Maintenance Decision Support System” platform (T4.3) and will provide support on the requirements definition (T1.2, T1.3), integration of “RUL Estimation” tool (T3.5), the architecture design and system integration workpackage (WP6) and the Demonstration and validation workpackage (WP7). Furthermore will participate in dissemination and exploitation activities of PROGRAMS project.


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11528, Athens, Greece
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