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The Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of Aachen University of Technology, founded in 1906, is one of the largest and most productive university institutes of its kind in Europe. The principal goal of the RWTH Aachen is to handle all fields encompassed by production technology at one institute which results in a wide field of activity: research and development, design, quality, management, organization, production, planning, manufacturing and assembly. RWTH Aachen is a member of several national and international standardization committees as well as national and international working groups (e.g. WGP, CIRP) and at the same time in the close connection with industry, enabling companies to directly profit from the results and experiences gained at university. As a result a sound background of several decades of industrial and research experience is provided to successfully work on the project’s objectives, making RWTH Aachen a very fitting partner for the consortium.

Role in the PROGRAMS Project

WZL will continue its research on condition monitoring and residual life prediction of machine tool components. Due
to the considerable experience in the field of machine tool modelling, the main contribution will be supplied towards

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RWTH Aachen - WZL