To achieve the project objectives using the technologies and techniques described above, 9 workpackages (WPs) are defined. Technology will be demonstrated in industrially relevant environments in the latest part of the project.

  • Work Package 1 State of the Art and requirements definitions. The objective of this WP is the definition of application scenarios and project solution requirements.
  • Work Package 2 Smart Control System. This WP (led by FIDIA) aims to develop and implement the Smart Control System, to be embedded on a machine tool and/or production equipment.
  • Work Package 3 Models simulations and RUL prediction. Within this WP a set of Physical models for the main machine tool and robotic components will be developed and simulated.
  • Work Package 4 Maintenance strategies and scheduling. The objective of this WP is to develop the Central Application that allows the definition of strategies for the system maintenance as well as to create and select the optimal schedules that minimize the global LCC.
  • Work Package 5 Communication enabling ICT infrastructure. The aims of this WP (led by SAVVY) is the development of a collaborative, cloud-enabled ICT communication infrastructure that will allow to securely share workflows, maintenance data and production information in factory-wide network.
  • Work Package 6 Architecture design and system integration. The objective of this WP  is to develop and design the overall PROGRAMS architecture, starting early  with the output of WP1, and to test the software tools developed in the previous WPs  both in a stand-alone and in a local integrated approach.
  • Work Package 7 Demonstration and validation. The objective of this WP  is to apply the previous developed solutions to the case-studies belonging to reference scenarios  for their final test and assessment.
  • Work Package 8 Exploitation – Dissemination & Communication. In WP8 the partners will undertake specific dissemination actions to promote the project’s results.
  • Work Package 9 Project Management.  Work Package 9 covers the overall legal, contractual, financial and administrative management of the project and establishes a reliable and stable contact with the EC throughout the Project duration.


WP Schema