Summary of PROGRAMS EU Project

Michele Surico (FIDIA)

This video provides a summary of PROGRAMS EU project approach to maintenance management.

Machines’ Behavior Prediction Tool BPT

Panagiotis Aivaliotis (LMS)

This video presents an integrated approach to provide a satisfactory solution for the calculation of each machine’s component Remaining useful life (RUL), aiming to be used for predictive maintenance.

Maintenance Service Platform MSP

Amit Eytan (We Plus S.p.A.)

The MSP is a novel software tool for collecting and sharing on factory and company levels maintenance relevant data and information related to maintenance operations and machine conditions. This tool, developed following the social network paradigm, aims at facilitating communication with and between the workers, where the users can freely connect, communicate, and share information in a personal way. At the same time, the tool facilitates the exchange of information and sends notifications about the conditions of the production equipment, current and planned maintenance activities, comments related to current production situations, problems related to production activities, and much more.

Maintenance Schedule Optimisation MSO

Donát Takács (BME)

This video presents an integrated software platform developed within the framework of the EU project PROGRAMS, called Maintenance Schedule Optimisation (MSO), including both its methodology and implementation.

AURRENAK pilot case

Ignacio Martínez (AURRENAK)

This video provides a summary of AURRENAK pilot case.

CALPAK pilot case

Kostis Konstantinidis (CALPAK)

This video provides a summary of CALPAK pilot case.