Welcome to the blog of PROGRAMS European project. Here you will find periodical publications around the technologies behind the project, our end-users’ day-to-day activities.

The main objectives of this project are to develop a model-based prognostics method integrating the FMECA (Effects and Criticality Analysis) and PRM (Prognostics and Resources Management) approaches for the smart prediction of equipment condition, a novel MDSS tool for smart industries maintenance strategy determination and resource management integrating ERP support, and the introduction of an MSP tool to share information between involved personnel.

PROGRAMS consortium consists of 13 European organizations, with a record of excellence in their field of expertise The consortium combines relevant industrial participation, with significant steering capabilities of SMEs that represent more than half of the partners. The partners, coming from 5 different EU Countries (Italy, Greece, Spain, Hungary and Germany) reflect the European spread, dimension and structure of the European manufacturing industry.

See you in the posts.